Barbara Nelson

  • Your Community Talks! Host or Join Local Events 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET Nov 4

    Would you like to learn how to host your own local events (online or offline) focused on bringing people together across surface differences for problem solving, bridging and improving our communities and democracy? Or, maybe you're not ready to host, but you'd like to join a local team of people working on bridging differences, solving problems and improving our democracy? Either way, this training is for YOU! Come meet like-minded people. Find or help start a local team in your area and receive support and training on taking next steps locally as part of a larger movement. 

    November 04, 2021 at 5:00pm

  • Action Alert

    Help Preserve, Protect, and Defend Democracy

    The violent attack on our Capitol and fellow Americans that occurred on Wednesday, January 6 is over, but the cracks in our democracy it starkly illuminated are not repaired and represent a grave threat to the American people. Therefore, I am taking the #DemocracyPledge in support of the American experiment today and for future generations.

    To preserve, protect and defend our constitutional democracy requires accountability for our leaders and courageous action in our own lives. Together, we can achieve a more perfect union—freedom, justice, equity, and opportunity for all. 

    I call on my elected, business and community leaders to add their names to mine in this pledge to:

    1. Denounce unsubstantiated claims of election fraud and promote the peaceful transfer of power with a public statement affirming the duly litigated, confirmed, and certified results.

    2. Demand justice for those who violently assaulted the temple of our democracy and the system on which it rests, as well as those complicit in their unlawful actions.

    3. Do my part to reunite and heal America by affirming the dignity of all people and engaging across differences with curiosity and grace.



Orange Co. organizer & activist
GOAL: $500.00