Welcome to YOUnify's resource page for attendees of the local leaders symposium, Reinventing Democracy: How Hometowns are Strengthening America! 

First Things First

YOUnify is a nonprofit that works to reduce polarization and cultural divisions of all kinds in order to accelerate progress on key challenges of our time. We work at the intersection of community organizing and behavioral science. In addition to hosting our own convenings, leaders network and grassroots teams, we provide training, coaching and consulting to other organizations. 

How can YOUnify help me or my organization?

YOUnify works with local leaders including municipal governments, school systems, community leaders, non-profit organizations, businesses, faith leaders and more to help build their capacity to problem solve and create change. We offer over three dozen types of training including having conversations across differences that lead to action and diversity, equity and inclusion training. Whether you want to bring stakeholders together, better connect residents to decision-making processes, build up a grassroots team or improve community engagement, we can help. Sometimes we do this as a partner (free of charge!) and sometimes as a consultant. 

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Examples of our Work


We host customized workshops and trainings that are based in behavioral science and community organizing practice. Here's a short summary of a workshop on reducing the threat of extremism which can manifest itself as local violence.

Tip Sheets:

We create behavioral science-based tip sheets like this one that we created for increasing voter turnout. We can create one for you! 

Deep Canvass Practice:

The outreach skills for deep canvassing can be useful in a variety of settings. Learn more about deep canvass training can help you. 

More about the YOUnify Model