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The YOUnify Leaders program is a year-long program engaging existing leaders from multiple sectors and generations in developing their individual and collective capacities to lead us into a more resilient, unified and equitable world. The program takes a multigenerational approach, marrying next generation creativity and innovation with support from seasoned people. We seek to develop deep and lasting relationships among participants and take their leadership to the next level by developing a networked community of “cross-trainers” who are able to use their leadership skills and unique types of power to manifest their values as transformative change in the world. The leaders program exists as part of the larger YOUnify movement which includes a place-based grassroots program. By including these two elements in our broader movement we are able to align those with their hands on the levers of power with the grassroots both strategically and tactically in order to accelerate progress on the most pressing challenges of our time. 


Time commitment:

  • 3 hours onboarding programming 
  • One 1.5 hour online module once per month
  • Optional a la carte programming

The duration of the program is one year for more seasoned participants. Next Gen participants have the option to participate in an accelerated 4 month program which meets 3-4 times per month (once with participants from all generations, once among Next Gen only, once with a Solutions Lab and once for optional supplementary programming).


Benefits to participants include:


  • Personal development focused on moving existing expertise and power into greater change in the world around them consistent with their values -- creating a legacy;


  • Certification as graduate of the program and a trainer for future students of the program and with the ability to take this training back to their own company, nonprofit etc.;


  • Powerful network and ongoing alumni programming. In-sector and cross-sector networking;


  • Mentoring for Next Gen participants.

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