When October 12, 2020 at 4:00pm 1 hr
Contact Brandyn Keating [email protected] 508-982-2247

In this one hour session, which we offer with special guests IssueVoter, we will walk through all of the nuances of voting in 2020. Whether you are already registered to vote or not, this call will ensure you're ready to vote in this unprecedented election! 

If you're not registered, we'll walk you through how to register right then and there (over Zoom)! 

If you're already registered, great! We'll walk you through the different ways to vote in your state AND how to research the candidates and the ballot measures.

PLUS, we'll give an overview of YOUnify, providing people who want to help their communities to get engaged and share their voice the opportunity to do that as well! 

Registration closes one hour before the session starts (3 pm PT/6 pm ET). Zoom information will be provided to all registrants at that time. 


Will you come?